Email Hosting

Arguably one of the most critical pieces of a businesses infrastructure. Having to deal with supporting email infrastructure has been known to drive a number of IT administrators to the brink of breakdown. This doesn’t have to be the case.

With our solution to email hosting, Google Apps, you will get a gmail under your domain name, with many features that we will gladly teach you about, these features include cloud storage, email filtering, google docs and sheets, and much more.

SPAM filtering, one of those services that is often taken for granted or overlooked by our potential customers. They just assume that their inboxes will constantly be littered with these annoying messages, Alkaloid has taken steps to help minimize this. Once our users have finished their training with our SPAM filters they can relax and enjoy the cleanliness of their inbox. No longer having to wonder just where to get that free diploma in two weeks, how to get cheap Viagra for 80% off, or how to make $5000 a week working from home. I know we all will miss these little bundles of joy in our daily routine. You can blame the Alkaloid Networks team for this one!

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