Traditionally server infrastructure has been tied directly to the hardware that is running the software. What this means is that when the tired old server that is stuffed in a corner with a do not touch sign on it finally gives up the ghost. The user has no choice but to process a complete reinstall of the entire server software. This is often very problematic because of all the small tweaks that have gone into making the server stable over many years.

This problem can now be addressed by adding a virtualization layer to your companies network infrastructure. By adding this layer you decouple your hardware from your software. This means that failing hardware simply means you have to move your virtual machines to a different piece of working hardware. Nothing has to be done from a software standpoint other then bringing online the new hardware’s compatible virtualization layer. This technology has revolutionized the server support business. Businesses can now keep entire software based copies of their whole network infrastructure in their backup archive. In the event of a failure either software or hardware they have multiple methods for recovery. They could replace hardware, they could restore to yesterday’s snapshot, or they could do a combination of both. This type of problem resolution has never existed for support companies.

Alkaloid Networks has spent considerable time and money on developing and testing the virtualization offerings from many different companies. We have developed trusted solutions for all major platforms: Linux, Mac and Windows. This allows our customers to decide what configurations work for them and allows Alkaloid Networks to deploy a trustworthy solution in all environments.

If your business hasn’t embraced virtualization please head over to our Contact page and ask any questions that come to mind. Virtualization isn’t just a useful solution anymore it should in our opinion be a mandatory piece of your business network.